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Donna Sparks


My Story

I stumbled on Scentsy during the 2009 State Fair of Texas. I was working the fair as I do every year and was just kinda walking around checking out the new exibits for the year. I walked into the Colisium and there was this wonderful smell in the air and I was like "what is that smell" I walked up on the Scentsy booth and immedietly fell in love with it. I was initially going to just purchase a Scentsy warmer to have in my house. I would walk by there everyday and pick up samples becasue it was just something about this warmer. I have done direct selling one other time in the past but this time just felt different. After I walked by the booth a few times and talked with the consultants at the booth I knew that I was going to join. I officially joined Scentsy on October 16, 2009. At first I was moving really slow at it and in March I had my first home party hosted by someone other than myself and her party was wonderful. Her total party was $1179.00 and a few weeks after her party she was my first recruit I am so excited to see how Scentsy is helping me to earn extra income and with my new recruit we should have a wonderful time learning more about how Scentsy can benifit the both of us.<!--endbody-->

What's warming in my home